teen boy wearing high heels to school
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I heard on the radio this morning about a teen boy wearing heels to school.  He was teased for it, and to take control of the situation, the principal made the teen remove his shoes to stop the teasing.  What do you think of this?  Do you think the principal was justified for what was done?


Ok, here's my take.

1.  You DO NOT single out the victim and discipline him.  That just made the teen feel worse about the situation, and it singled him out!  You're not fixing the problem!  The problem is the BULLYING.  By doing this, I think the principal just showed the bullies that they could get away with whatever.

2.  If you're so worried about what the kids are wearing to school, either create STRICT dress code rules and consequences, or bust out school uniforms.  You cannot tell one person they can't wear heels.  It's discrimination!  Don't want him to wear heels?  BAN HEELS.  Don't just say BOYS can't wear heels.

3.  If that were MY child doing the bullying, he'd have SEVERE consequences.  And guess what he would be wearing to school the next day!

4.  If MY child were the one being bullied, I'd come after the principal, the teacher, the school board, the kids, whoever I had to.

5.  Maybe instead of focusing on what makes us different, we should be teaching our children to RESPECT each other for who we are.  I say good for the boy to NOT be afraid to show who he is...


Makes me think of tonight's episode of Glee...  ;)


Oh, and I also thought it went along with this thread:  http://www.momsinhawaii.com/forum/topic/Teen-Boys-like-Pink-Backpacks-and-Hello-Kitty-.htm

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Was the teen 'jokingly' wearing them or he normally dresses feminine and decided to wear heels one day?


Cause if he was joking around then, def the principal did the right thing! lol


But if it's just because he's a boy wearing heels than that's just messed up.  Totally wrong move on the principal...making him take it off?  Last I checked this is a free country and you can wear what you want, if people are teasing than the teasers need to be reprimanded.

I don't think anyone should be wearing heels to high school except for at prom! lol

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that's a good point, i agree about if he was wearing it as a joke!  but no, he just wanted to wear heels.  I have to say, I'm impressed and proud that he is comfortable in his own skin.  Good for him.  I would hate for this to have made him second guess himself or not be as comfortable!  everyone may not like how he dresses, or may not be so open minded, BUT i still think we should treat everyone with respect!



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