If you are a couponer in Hawaii and would like to share about your couponing experience than please join "Hawaii Couponing Moms" group. Let's help eachother get the best discounts on the island. We also woud love for you to share your photos and upload pictures of your items that you purchased while couponing and share with others your savings.

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  •  ap_mommy: 

    i tried couponing her ein hawaii, but i have yet to learn how! i'd like some tips on to do it here please.

     1398 days ago 
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  •  Vivi92102: 

    @keiko thanks for the information that helps :)


     1430 days ago 
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  •  keiko4hanae: 

    come 'on Hawaii MOMS!  let's save some $$.  Here's some deals I checked out for 10/23.  Got some tips for me? 

    *Buy 2 boxes of Arm & Hammer baking soda and get a free yrs. subscription to Better Homes & Gardens!

    *@ Times, look for coupon attached to 2L Soda.  Buy 2, 2L any variety Pepsi and hamburger and get $1.00 off purchase.   Soda on sale now for 2/$3. 

    *Safeway C&H sugar 5#.  Club card special, $2.00.  Use mfg. coupon, $.50/1.  Get that bag of sugar for only $1.50.  Checked C&H site, since sugar doesn't harbor microbial growth, it has a long shelf life.  Just keep it dry, put it in a ziplock and out of humidity.

    *Note:  if you live in Oahu, (not me Cry), you can sign up for price matching at Safeway.  Sign up for a card, sign in and register at Just 4 U, and get those deals.

    *Sign up for CVS extra care card!  They have $$ coupons that you can stack.  A few months ago, I used a $8.50 and a $1.00 coupon together to get my daughter the more pricey makeup for $2.  BTW, you can use coupons on sale items too.

    *check website for daily deals and giveaways.

    I know this group is small.  If what I posted is helpful, please comment.   

     1494 days ago 
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  •  keiko4hanae: 

    I'm a coupon newbie.  It's not easy but I am getting something going.  My current hurrah deal, through couponing:  Safeway sale ragu pasta sauce, 2/$3.  That makes it $1.50 each.  I used 2 mfg. coupon for $1.50/2.  Sale also stated 2 free boxes of pasta when you buy 4 ragu.  Ragu $1.50 x 4 = $6.00,  coupons, $1.50 x 2=<$3.00>, and 2 boxes of free pasta that sells for regular $2.59.  My math isn't that great but it breaks down to each bottle of ragu for 75 cents and 2 boxes of free pasta.  Savings off of regular price: $20.16.  I paid only $3.00 for everything.  Smile Hope this gives some inspiration to some.

     1495 days ago 
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  •  Vivi92102: 

    I get coupons from the sunday paper...and every wednesday the circulars from the grocery stores come out and they always have coupons that u can use along with ur member card (ie safeway). I save a little money but its better than nothing...:)

     1498 days ago 
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